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[aprssig] T2Montana to cease operation

Jim Fuller (N7VR) n7vr at fuller.net
Wed Jul 29 04:13:21 UTC 2009

Hi All,
On July 31, 2009 at Midnight Mountain Daylight Time, T2MONTANA will cease
Everyone have fun.
Jim Fuller
N7VR --  <http://www.n7vr.org/> http://www.n7vr.org
International TCP/IP Gateways Robot Operator --
<http://www.ampr-gateways.org/> http://www.ampr-gateways.org
montana.aprs2.net Server Operator --  <http://www.mtaprs.net/>
CWOP-2 --  <http://www.wxqa.com/> http://www.wxqa.com 
IRLP Node 3398 -  <http://irlp.fuller.net/> http://irlp.fuller.net 
Original ARECC contributor 
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