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[aprssig] Is WXSVR Permanently Defunct???

Dick dick at kb7zva.com
Wed Jul 29 17:07:18 UTC 2009

>What I really don't understand is why the author wouldn't want to
>release it, when he's been providing the service to the community
>anyway.  And this is what others have been saying - not that they have
>a right, or even that the author should release it; they, like me,
>wonder: why wouldn't he?

Good question. Maybe the author was/is willing to release the code
providing it remain a service to the community and 'free' from
profit and self-interest. Maybe nobody would step to the plate and
make such a commitment in trust.

Could be as simple as that. Nobody willing to continue the project 
with the same ideals as the author. Some things don't always have 
a price tag and others' have a hard time with the terms 'service' and

Opens a whole new perspective, doesn't it? People are motivated to
do things for different reasons. Someone couldn't believe that I provided
a service to hams all over the world without charging anyone. Then
again, we take it for granted that it's a God given right to tell someone
what is expected or how to run it. I think this is what Steve used in
an example about Dave Anderson. Who knows when enough is enough.
I guess when it's no longer any fun.

Dick Stanich, KB7ZVA
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