[aprssig] open vs. closed in ham radio

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Wed Jul 29 16:08:14 CDT 2009

At 01:43 PM 7/29/2009, you wrote:
> >I'm talking about the general question of
> >closed source services being provided to ham radio.
>I can apply the general question to two programs being
>used by hams. Ui-View and javAPRSSrvr. They are 'free'
>and just turns out to be the most successful. Both are
>closed source and top of the list in popularity. Ui-View
>is still the most used application out there. It never
>became obsolete when the author passed away. It was his
>wish to keep it closed and free to the community. The
>source and program became his legacy. Good stuff.
Don't forget that Ui-View was NOT free when Roger Barker was alive he 
was charging for it.

I paid for my license (gladly). I have also contributed to FindU 
server upgrades.

When the issue with Roger came up I wrote him personally and 
suggested keeping the software a PAID model with funds somehow split 
to the person doing registration, a Cancer research fund, and most 
importantly his family. He CHOSE to make it shareware with the OPTION 
to donate.... HIS CHOICE.

I build and maintain many voice and digital systems. I get complaints 
all the time from people who I ASK not to use MY equipment...They get 
upset (Just like open and closed repeaters).

Mark Cheavens
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