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[aprssig] Balloon in NE Illinois back on the air

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Wed Jul 29 21:08:20 UTC 2009

	Here we go again.  KC9POK-11 is transmitting at 10 second intervals
with 2 hops.  This time instead of an Adler Planetarium project, it appears
to be for Depaul University?

	Thankfully, it is now on the ground and the impact has lessened
greatly.  Happened to catch his packets while mobile when he was at 30K and

	Unable to obtain an email address for the licensee.  Sure would like
to have the opportunity to provide some generally accepted suggestions for
operating APRS aboard balloons.

	Bill KC9XG

!S 20:49:20
/A=000682/DePaul High Altitude Ball
!S 20:49:30
/A=000682/DePaul High Altitude Ball
!S 20:49:41
/A=000682/DePaul High Altitude Ball
!T 20:49:41
WS088/000/A=000682/DePaul High Altitude Ball
!S 20:49:42
/A=000682/DePaul High Altitude Ball

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