[aprssig] open vs. closed in ham radio (was: IsWXSVRPermanently Defunct???)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 30 07:53:23 CDT 2009

>> And this is what others have been saying - 
>> not that they have a right, or even that 
>> the author should release it; they, like me,
>> wonder: why wouldn't he?
> Because if he no longer wants to be bothered 
> with it,... then the only way to do that is 
> to just turn it off.  If he hands it 
> to others he will still be requested to support 
> it to some degree... even if that support is 
> emails and/or phone calls asking how this or 
> that works.

AMEN!  In 1983 I developed a dual band packet BBS system for the
Vic-20 and then the Comodore C-64.  It grew worldwide.  Then I
moved on to the PC-AT and APRS, but still 12 and 15 years later,
I was getting emails, mail, and phone calls, asking for this or
that or whatever.

The most frustrating thing was people sending REGISTERED mail,
requiring me to take time out of my day to drive to a post
office 30 minutes from where I work, to sign for it! ARGH.

Anyway supporting one's babies is a lifelong commitment...

> have developed software for over 30 years.  I have turned 
> over systems to 
> others and left projects, and still get calls, sometimes 
> years later on how 
> something works or how to fix a severe issue they run into, 
> etc.  The only 
> way to make it all stop is to not give it out and just shut 
> it down.  If 
> that was his goal, then that is your answer. 
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