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[aprssig] "special icon" and overlays

John Fritze fritzejohn at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 13:13:31 UTC 2009

Thanks especially to Bob for your indepth answer.  I've never used overlays
as I really don't understand them well enough.  Mostly because like
anything, there is only just so much time I can spend learning something new
and complex with a very busy schedule.

So, my question is, could you give me a few examples of exactly what I would
program into my D7g or my D710 to display a couple of icons with overlays so
I can get the proceedure?   Would /[  and
H[ give me the hiker symbol as I understand it?

I'll also look at the 4 color box as you stated, as I'm sure that and the ID
text would satisfy my requirement.

Thanks to all who keep this service running!
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