[aprssig] APRSXO and CQSRVR and Field Day

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 1 13:52:28 CDT 2009

Anyone with an OLPC or XO laptop, Jack has updated his APRS

This makes it trivial to call global CQ on APRS.  This will be
handy for Field day. Everyone that plans on using APRS at FD
should practice operating with the CQSRVR written by  Pete
Loveall...   Bob, WB4APR

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> From: Jack Zielke [mailto:jack at linuxcoffee.com] 
> Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 9:52 AM
> Subject: Re: APRSXO and CQSRVR
> Hello Bob,
> Last night I played with aprs-xo a bit.  I added a 
> checkbox over the message window called 'CQ'.  If 
> it is checked you will send "CQ CQ CQ" 
> From <Station Comment>" to CQSRVR every 32 minutes.  
> If you uncheck it it will unregister you from CQSRVR.  
> You are also unregistered if you disconnect.
> I have a screenshot and new directions on the web page.
> I changed the Cancel Messages button into a 
> Clear/Cancel button.  I really just want it to be a 
> Clear button.
> http://zielkeassociates.com/~jack/aprs-xo/
> Jack, KG4GJY

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