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[aprssig] USN(G) and APRS

Kurt Kochendarfer ke7kus at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 13:34:36 UTC 2009

I am also not Bob, but a few thoughts on USNG and/or MGRS and/or UTM
coordinate systems with APRStt:

1)  Your major hurdle is going to be the proper entry and decoding of
the grid zone and 100km2 square info which are only partially numeric.
Not insurmountable, but definitely a consideration.  Once those are
established, entry of E/N coords is easy.  

2)  In many ways, grid is much easier to manage than lat/long.  No
worries about N/S/E/W precursors for coords, and no
confusion/difficulties with DD.DDD vs. DD MM.MMM vs. DD MM SS

3)  Grid is a natural fit for ambiguity solutions and self-defined
location precision.


>Anybody here familiar with the US National Grid? While I think that 
>lat/long will continue to rule the APRS world using the USNG looks
>units appear to support it under a different name (MGRS) and it
>to be something that most federal agencies speak or should be
>I am just now getting into my research and wanted to bring this idea
>in this forum since location information is definitely part of the 
>tactical information scene.

>Bob, any thoughts on using USNG with APRSTT?


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