[aprssig] Appalachian Trail Golden Packet Update

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 3 16:08:59 CDT 2009

I have sent a note to all Golden Packet teams.  If you did not
get it, then you are not on a team...  See the web page:


Here is where we stand (and also notes I sent to all sites):

0) We still have no team on Lookout Mountain in Chatanooga TN.
Nor Mt Katahdin in Maine.

00) The Head ranger for the AT Trail Conservancy got concerned,
but I briefed him and now we have his full support (though that
means nothing at each individual site, which can be one of any
of 77 different entities)... But the bottom line is:

1) If your footprint is going to be anything more than one or
two cars, then you must assess whether it will cause un-due
impact on other people at the site, or cause concern of the
owners/operators).  In other words, no beer parties, or 10 VHF
rover vehicles that looks like an invasion of aliens..

2) If you will have an impact, you need to formally alert the
owners of your site.

3) John Huggins has done an intense RF analysis of each site.
You should do a test and CONFIRM his analysis.  See the web
pages for each site.  Time is now to start planning these tests.
See the webpage.

4) Be sure you have a PLAN-B backup of people and equipment.

5) Spread the word.  Get other hams involved, and if you cannot
use them at your site, then send them to the mountains and hills
or to other interesting sites to monitor or participate.  Though
on the other hand, we do not want a zoo and the channel must be
kept clear.  Though everyone can monitor until all higher
priority traffic has been passed.

6) Consider this as a possible EMERGENCY Comms exercise too...
Maybe activate your local City, County or State EOC and see if
their APRS station can monitor (or use the link when
authorized).  Remember, ONLY the 15 AT Trail stations are
authorized initially to Transmit.  But once we have successfully
done those links, then we will successively open it up to
additional tiers of activity.  An EMCOMM test end-to end on the
east coast might be helpful to them.


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