[aprssig] Kenwood D7 software on Linux?

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Wed Jun 3 16:33:40 CDT 2009


I just tried saving a registry entry again in XP Pro and it was 
definitely a binary file of some sort that was saved.

Let's put it down to the inconsistency of Windoze.

I think the problem flag is the one with the four colours on it.

Ray vk2tv

Dave Baxter wrote:
> Hi Ray..
> XP Pro' exports Registry entries as plain text.   I have just checked!
> [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WA3HRL\link700\Version1\Positions]
> "Directory"=""
> "FormTop"=dword:00000082
> "FormLeft"=dword:00000122
> "FormWidth"=dword:000002bc
> "FormHeight"=dword:0000021c
> for example...
> Perhaps there is a Registry flag to set/clear the compressed feature ;-)
> I have offered off list, a backup of the appropriate branch to Greg, if
> he lets me know where and in what form he wants it, as it's about 5k (a
> lot of text!)  I'm reluctant to just send it to a hotmail address, as
> it'll probably get scrubbed after triggering some anti something filter!
> Regards.
> Dave G0WBX.
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>> Hi All,
>> I haven't been following this closely and I don't if this 
>> will work for you, but I managed to get a Windoze program, 
>> OTSDJ (DJ audio program), to install under wine with a bit of 
>> registry trickery. When running setup in wine it kept 
>> stalling, late in the installation and I had this feeling it 
>> was having trouble writing registry entries.
>> The solution was to install that program under Windoze and 
>> then export the registry entry to a file that I could import 
>> into the wine registry. 
>> Maybe it was my lucky day cause it worked and the program runs.
>> Just a trick, however, for WinXP users. XP saves exported 
>> registry files in a compressed format so make sure you save 
>> as a Win98 file which is text based.
>> To access the registry in Kubuntu 8.04, I use the run command 
>> and enter regedit. A very familiar (as in Windoze) registry 
>> is presented to you so you can work your magic by importing 
>> the saved files.
>> If the above information is useless, feel free to print it 
>> out and burn it.
>> Ray vk2tv
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