[aprssig] Eastern PA contact needed Friday Morning

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 4 09:40:21 CDT 2009

We need someone in Eastern PA that could be monitoring the
146.865 voice repeater on top of Camelback Mountain in the Big
Pocono's State Park on Friday late morning for a test.
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From: Robert Bruninga
Subject: Camelback to GD Hill and MD test Friday late morning

We are planning on a test from GD-Hill to Camelback in the Big
Pocono State Park on Friday late morning.

My son will take a D7 to the top of the GD Hill tower with a
J-pole on a 15 foot mast that he can stick up through the bars.

CAMELBACK:  He will try voice comms on the 146.865 voice
repeater on camelback using Tone 100 to anyone in that area that
will confirm his signal.

MD MOUNTAINS: He will test using packet on 145.77 MHz via the
WN3R-10 digipeater on top of the maryland mountains to me, back
in Annapolis.  What is the fredrick repeater that is on that
same ridge as WN3R at about the same elevation etc that he can
use as a test?

Is there anyone that can be on the Camelback 146.865 repeater
that late morning?  I will need your cellphone number so I can
get live info about the test.

No one needs to be at Camelback, just anywhere that they can
work the 146.865 repeater reliably.


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