[aprssig] Eastern PA contact needed Friday Morning

Rich Mazzeo forummail at richmazz.com
Thu Jun 4 20:18:38 CDT 2009

Bob, I believe I will be around at that time. It looks like I can hit 
146.865 just fine. I will send you a seperate email with my phone number.


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> We need someone in Eastern PA that could be monitoring the
> 146.865 voice repeater on top of Camelback Mountain in the Big
> Pocono's State Park on Friday late morning for a test.
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> From: Robert Bruninga
> Subject: Camelback to GD Hill and MD test Friday late morning
> We are planning on a test from GD-Hill to Camelback in the Big
> Pocono State Park on Friday late morning.
> My son will take a D7 to the top of the GD Hill tower with a
> J-pole on a 15 foot mast that he can stick up through the bars.
> CAMELBACK:  He will try voice comms on the 146.865 voice
> repeater on camelback using Tone 100 to anyone in that area that
> will confirm his signal.
> MD MOUNTAINS: He will test using packet on 145.77 MHz via the
> WN3R-10 digipeater on top of the maryland mountains to me, back
> in Annapolis.  What is the fredrick repeater that is on that
> same ridge as WN3R at about the same elevation etc that he can
> use as a test?
> Is there anyone that can be on the Camelback 146.865 repeater
> that late morning?  I will need your cellphone number so I can
> get live info about the test.
> No one needs to be at Camelback, just anywhere that they can
> work the 146.865 repeater reliably.
> Thanks
> Bob, WB4APR
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