[aprssig] New cables in stock

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Jun 5 12:05:00 CDT 2009

I finally got a batch of custom cables in stock that I've been waiting 
for forever.

The first adapts the FC-301/D data radio to the standard packet 6-pin 
mini-DIN connector (plus a separate power lead, Powerpoles optional) to 
make it much easier to connect to a TNC.


The second adapts the T2-301 (the Tracker2+radio combination) to the 
same pinout as the OT2m, again with separate power lead.  The GPS power 
output is fixed at 5v, though, at least for the current T2-301 board 
revision.  This cable is also compatible with the Y-splitter if you need 
access to the second serial port.  You can plug a 5-volt GPS receiver 
directly in to this cable.


Once I get the ADS-GM1 GPS receivers back in stock (along with some 
cigarette lighter plugs) I'll be offering a package with everything you 
need for a plug-and-play vehicle tracker, minus the antenna.  And I've 
got samples of magmount antennas on the way, too.


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