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Rusty Bryant rustyb78 at yahoo.com
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I got it figured out. 

Thanks everyone!!!!


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On Jun 5, 2009, at 2:03 PM, "Tim Cunningham" <tim_cunningham at charter.net> wrote:

We had a local user connected to Internet only this past week trying to send messages and ACK's from UI-View32 to RF stations. The data would not pass from Internet to RF or it certainly would not ACK any RF station sending a message to it. When they changed the TCPIP entry in their path to APRS, it allowed their messages to be sent as well as acknowledge those sent to it from the Internet to RF. It seems something blocked the TCPIP path but passed the APRS path. They did not try a blank entry in this case as the APRS TOCALL in the path worked the first time when changed from the TCPIP entry.

Messages sent from this user from Internet to Internet stations worked fine with the TCPIP entry in the path, but it would not make the journey when they sent messages to an RF station until TCPIP was changed to APRS.

IGate designs are supposed to block RF sending stations that have TCPIP, TCPXX, NOGATE, or RFONLY in the header (last 2 are optional). On the other hand, it is my understanding that IGates are suppose to block stations from Internet to RF if they contain TCPXX, NOGATE, or RFONLY in the header. I am referencing Pete, AE5PL's, APRS IGate Details on Gating Criteria and Paths.

The local user and the local IGate are both UI-View32 in this case. It seems that UI-View should have passed the TCPIP path entry from the end user. The data did not pass to RF until the user changed the path entry to APRS.

Tim - N8DEU

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All the proper station info is entered. I can see my station it's just not going out to the Internet. And yes it's connected to the Internet and logged in to the aprs server.


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On Jun 5, 2009, at 12:38 PM, "Keith VE7GDH" <ve7gdh at rac.ca> wrote:

Rusty WB4BSD wrote...

explain the "populated" statement.

I belive that Andrew was referring to entering your callsign in the station setup. You must enter a lat / long in the station setup, but if you also have a GPS connected and enabled, UI-View will use that position. By "passcode" he was probably referring to the APRS validation number entered in the APRS server setup.

no path entered defaults to a path of APRS.

The "APRS" should remain. It's actually the destination. UI-View32 v 2.03 will translate that to APU25N before it is transmitted... via RF or TCPIP. If you were on RF, the actual digi path would be like "APRS,WIDE2-1".

Andrew said...

Set your internet tx time to 60 minutes. There should be no path

There's no need to have the "Internet" beacon rate set at 60 minutes. On RF, bandwidth is precious. Reasonable beacon rates should be used. Via TCPIP, why not set it to every 10 minutes? You aren't going to overwhelm whatever server you are connected to by firing a beacon off every 10 minutes.

If you do enter a path, it won't hurt anything. It just won't do anything unless you connect a radio and TNC. You had said earlier...

I am currently away from my home station
where I run UI-View32. I do have it installed on my laptop which
I have with me. I am connected to an APRS server and am receiving
packets, however I am not able to transmit packets back through the
internet. I have no radio attached and just want to be able to
transmit over the internet. What should my unproto path be to
allow for this?

You should leave "APRS" entered there, but no path is needed after that if you aren't on RF.

What SSID are you using on the laptop?

[APU25N via TCPXX*,qAX,Core-2]
June 188 2008 it didn't have a validated connection. The "TCPXX" tells us that.

WB4BSD-6 does have a validated connection but it doesn't appear to be UI-View.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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