[aprssig] what is "testCHO" station

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Jun 7 10:23:34 CDT 2009

W5CDN-15>APD225,TCPIP*,qAI,W5CDN-15,CORE-2,findu:!3802.21NI07830.61W& APRS 
 >APD225,TCPIP*,qAI,testCHO,AE7Z,FIRST,findu:!3802.21NI07830.61W& APRS Server

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> On Jun 7, 2009, at 8:53 AM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
>> Looks like someone (possibly N9ZLI-1 or KG4IJB-3) is testing some
>> APRS server and neglected to configure it properly.
> I'm guessing you picked those two callsigns because they appear in the
> path, like these
> testCHO>APD225,TCPIP*,qAI,testCHO,KG4IJB-3,FIRST,findu:!
> 3802.21NI07830.61W& APRS Server
> testCHO>APD225,TCPIP*,qAI,testCHO,N9ZLI-1,FIRST,findu:!
> 3802.21NI07830.61W& APRS Server
> These calls are APRS IS hubs, they are simply the place where the
> packets are entering the APRS IS. These hams are no more likely to be
> the ones owning this than any other APRS user.
> On the other hand, using the near.cgi
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/near.cgi?call=TESTCHO
> shows the position is the same as N9TN-1.  This is who is likely to be
> operating the station.
> From the raw packets seen, there is no evidence this is anything
> other than an internet only station. It could be, with dup checking
> removing the RF packets. There is no proof either way. If it is
> internet only, then there is nothing improper about how the station is
> configured. Many internet only stations operate under an alias only.
> If it is transmitting on RF, it could be set up to produce a beacon
> under the user's call, in which case it would not appear in the raw
> packet listing. This would also be perfectly legal.
> The APRS Internet System was never designed to be an enforcement or
> propagation tool, so drawing conclusions about the network
> configuration or legality are simply not possible.
> Steve K4HG
> PS Or maybe it is not N9TN. Just I was about to hit send the position
> on this station was changed to coincide with W5CDN-15, so who knows...
> Steve K4HG
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