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[aprssig] Moving area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 5 23:24:14 UTC 2009

> I will be participating in a county-wide 
> disaster drill this month.  Is there a way to 
> plot a moving area instead of a point?
> This would be like the movement of a 
> toxic gas following the wind direction.

If your clients do Dead Reckoning like the original APRSdos,
just put the shape on th emap as an object with a course and
speed, and it should move on recepit on all clients that have DR
enabled.  But most don't.

Better way to be sure everyone sees it, is to manually move it
periodically.  In the original APRS, just select it, move the
cursor, hit UPDATE and its done.  You should not have to re-draw
it each time, just select and move.

Hope that helps

Use anyone of the APRS shape symbols
> Thanks
> 73,
> Matt Murphy, kc8bew
> http://mcares.kc8bew.net
> Muskingum Co. ARES EC

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