[aprssig] Object Definition vs third-party traffic?

rttyman rttyman at ukr.net
Tue Jun 9 16:42:51 CDT 2009

Hello Steve.

> It is important to rocognize that WX4MLB did not originate the packet,
> so it should not modify it.

If we suppose that WX4MLB was not the originator of this packet, but an
originator is absent, it not quite well. We don't know why it so,
possibly a wrong truncating of packet's content happened in some

In case if WX4MLB had originate this packet on RF (as suppose Lynn in last
message) third party sign "}" should not used here, instead ";" should used
with follow Object related format.

I think that Lynn can contact with sysop of WX4MLB and ask all details,
if interested.


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