[aprssig] Object Definition vs third-party traffic?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Jun 9 19:05:09 CDT 2009

On Jun 9, 2009, at 7:41 PM, Steve Dimse wrote:

> I do not think you understand. This is an IGated packet. It appeared  
> on the APRS Internet System. WX4MLB is an IGate that was configured  
> to IGate packets from that station to RF. This is exactly what an  
> IGated packet is supposed to look like.
Reading this I think I'm not clear enough. The "it" which appeared on  
the APRS IS was something like:

146.52>APOBJ#,internet path here#:!2806.  N/08039.  WrPHG7260 NWS  

WX4MLB is an IGate. It decides to transmit the position of 146.52  
(why? see next paragraph). It takes the packet, removes the old path  
statement indicated above between and including the two #s, places a }  
in front of it, and transmits it on RF. That was then heard by KJ4ERJ.  
He initially said it was on the APRS IS, but as I stated and he then  
confirmed this was actually heard on RF. That means everything worked  
as it should.

Why would an IGate send this? Two possibilities. One most likely is  
that 146.52 is listed in WX4MLB's config file as a blessed station,  
which will be transmitted to RF. The other is 146.52 sent a message to  
a station in the RF coverage area of WX4MLB, and an IGate sends a  
position along with a message so the RF station can see the position  
of the station sending him a message. Looking at the specifics, the  
first seems far more likely in the case, since 146.52 is a beacon from  
the NWS station in the area near WX4MLB.

Steve K4HG

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