[aprssig] Object Definition vs third-party traffic?

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Tue Jun 9 19:20:25 CDT 2009

No Steve, unfortunately I believe it's you that does not understand.  I 
mis-stated that I heard this on APRS-IS, and WX4MLB-3 is NOT an IGate, 
it is ONLY a digipeater (and a non-functioning one since April 14, but 
I'm working with the trustee on that issue).  I'm not attempting to 
change what has been going on for a long time, I'm just trying to 
understand how to interpret it.  As with nearly everything in APRS, 
there doesn't seem to be any hard-and-fast RULES, just guidelines and 
suggestions as to what works best.

WX4MLB-3>BEACON:}146.52>APOBJ:!2806.  N/08039.  WrPHG7260 NWS MELBOURNE

I agree, that's what an IGated packet is supposed to look like.  I have 
my own IGate gating my cellphone-generated APRS-IS packets to RF 
(KJ4ERJ-12) and have worked with my son (KJ4DXK-9) on how to interpret 
what he's receiving over RF via the TNC in his car.  (We play APRS tag 
around town, so we need to see where each other is and he's developing 
his own APRS client / display).

However, even though it's a well-formed third-party packet, the 
ostensible "third-party" is formatting something that is non-traceable 
as an object.  The original packet, assuming that it was actually gated 
-IS to RF, would have been:

146.52>APOBJ:!2806.  N/08039.  WrPHG7260 NWS MELBOURNE

That's certainly a mighty strange looking originating callsign, even for 
a tactical usage.  And there's no other callsign in the theoretical 
packet, although there's no legal requirement to have such a thing in 
APRS-IS (the supposed source of this gated packet).

I've gotten my answer, my interpretation of what the packet SAYS was 
correct.  In the meantime, I've discovered 
http://aprs.org/info/object-perm.txt which certainly seems to describe 
the packet under discussion.  Even to the point that you'll probably 
never see such a thing on APRS-IS.

Anyway, I'm satisfied with what I've learned and believe we've reached 
the point of diminishing return and increasing mis-understanding, so I'm 
suggesting we let this particular thread wend its way into the ether....

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Thankful to all for the discussion

Steve Dimse wrote:
> I do not think you understand. This is an IGated packet. It appeared 
> on the APRS Internet System. WX4MLB is an IGate that was configured to 
> IGate packets from that station to RF. This is exactly what an IGated 
> packet is supposed to look like.
> Steve K4HG
> On Jun 9, 2009, at 5:42 PM, rttyman wrote:
>> Hello Steve.
>>> It is important to rocognize that WX4MLB did not originate the packet,
>>> so it should not modify it.
>> If we suppose that WX4MLB was not the originator of this packet, but an
>> originator is absent, it not quite well. We don't know why it so,
>> possibly a wrong truncating of packet's content happened in some
>> place...
>> In case if WX4MLB had originate this packet on RF (as suppose Lynn in 
>> last
>> message) third party sign "}" should not used here, instead ";" 
>> should used
>> with follow Object related format.
>> I think that Lynn can contact with sysop of WX4MLB and ask all details,
>> if interested.
>> Regards,
>> Sergej
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