[aprssig] Mobile Digi (TEMPn-N)

Tom Hayward esarfl at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 12:53:20 CDT 2009

>> -at a fill-in or mobile digi, wait for 5-10 seconds to hear another
>>  digi to digipeat the packet, if it's not heard, then digipeat
> <sarcasm> Did Kenwood OpenSource their D7, D700, and D710 control code so
> that we could actually do something like this?

Well, this one is possible. Set DWAIT on your mobile digi to 70 (0.7
seconds) or so. If the mobile doesn't hear the packet from another
digipeater within 0.7 seconds after the original transmission, it's
safe to say the packet needs some help along, from a mobile or fixed
digi. No need to wait a whole 5-10 seconds.

For this to work the conditions would have to be approaching perfect.
The mobile digi would have to be able to reliably decode the fixed
digi. And if the channel is congested, and the first packet was missed
due to QRM, digipeating it from another mobile will likely just add to

There are times when mobile-digipeater and everyone-is-a-digipeater
can work, like during a search and rescue mission in the backcountry
where there is no existing infrastructure and you're attempting your
own mesh infrastructure by setting all the mobiles to digipeat. Most
of the time, a mobile digipeater is probably not helpful.


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