[aprssig] Mobile Digi (TEMPn-N)

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 15 20:45:29 CDT 2009

> William McKeehan wrote:
> > Why would it be a bad idea for the D700's to run
> > around with WIDE1-1 enabled all of the time?

> Consider this scenario:
> Three ... D700's with WIDE1-1 enabled all show up at the local club.  
> For every beacon ...the other two hear it directly and...digipeat it ...
>  One beacon is now 3 beacons. 
> ...[the] neighborhood WIDE1-1 local fill-in digi...gets digi'd here
> Now we've got four copies of the packet on the air ...

> headed over to the WIDE2-1 digi on the mountain top.  It hears all four
> copies and for the sake of argument also hears the original
> packet directly.  It digis ALL of them giving 5 more

    Aren't all of these dupes (at the WIDE2-1) but one, that it won't repeat?

Not trying to knock the idea, just to understand.

73 Steve, K9DCI


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