[aprssig] FW: Add a DIGI to a Existing Repeater System

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 18 18:48:57 CDT 2009

--- Ronald Armstrong  wrote:

> when I try to go the web site I get  403 permission
> denied
> Ronald VE2JOR 73,

Worked for me.  Make sure the URL is intact and not wrapped-bad.

It basically adds a normal pass-reject duplexer between ant and the repeater duplexer.  One side for 144.39 and the other for a higher freq repeater - in the high 146 or 147 band.  The repeater side is wide enough to either pass both Tx & Rx and reject both if tuned carefully.  Mid 146 is too tight for the duplexer.   Though thinking about it, it only needs to reject the repeater Rx to limit APRS Tx sideband noise, right? 

He says to use:  "...the “res-lok” series from Sinclair. These are the
Q2220, Q2222, and Q2330. It does not include the Q202 series. Pretty much any of the res-lok units will work very well. These are usually identifiable by their square construction design."

73, Steve


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