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Sun Jun 21 10:56:55 CDT 2009

No such problem with my Davis unit. Has worked in all kind of weather for 3 
 years. Only maintenance is to remove pine needles, spiders, etc from the 
rain  gage and change the battery in the unit every 3 years if it does not 
get full  sun (mine is in the shade half the day), and change the battery in 
the inside  unit whenever display dims. 
Outdoor units are on a pole stuck in the ground, rain gage set as high as I 
 can reach easilly to clean it out. 
Transmits wirelessly fine to inside unit that then is wired to computer  
running Weatherlink 5.6 that puts my data out on the MADIS web site.
Currently not running APRS, the packet radio is committed to AFMARS.
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