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Tyler Griffiths n7uwx at comcast.net
Sun Jun 21 11:25:42 CDT 2009

Speaking of Peet Brothers...We set up an 2100 running directly into a TNC
for the Weather Service (KF6RAL-3)and noticed the data never gets seen by
the Kenwood radios. UI-View and the internet decode and display the data
Anybody else have this problem or have a fix for it?

Tyler N7UWX

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 9:35 AM, Kriss A. Kliegle
<kliegle at myfairpoint.net>wrote:

>  I've been running a Peet for years as a stand alone WX digi. Since my
> site is solar powered, the power consumption is minimal. Just don't use/buy
> one w/a humidity sensor. They don't last but a few months, gave up replacing
> them. Another issue yet to be resolved is the flow of WX data to the KPC-3,
> usually in winter.Data will stop being updated and will send same temp
> and winds every transmission, or it will be corrupt and give rediculous temp
> and wind readings until I climb the hill and reset the Peet Bro WX Station,
> KPC-3, and/or both. I thought it was temperature related, but installing
> everything in a styrofoam cooler and using the heat of the radio's finals
> ( IC-2000 ) still didn't stop the unreliable WX data. Temp in the cooler was
> >60, even in the coldest of winter WX in NH.
> Kriss KA1GJU (-3 WX Digi)
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