[aprssig] Simplest P-n-P APRS WX stn

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Jun 22 06:29:47 CDT 2009

The only problem I recall with the Peet Bros. systems was a number of 
complaints that the anemometry tended to fail sooner than the Davis 
systems.  Since few weather hobbyists tend to maintain their stations 
until frank failure, reduced quality wind data are an issue.  Losing 
low-amplitude wind information can be detrimental.

The Davis stations are reputed to have better bearings, and better 
protected bearings, and somewhat stouter plastic on the vane and cups.

There are a number of low-end professional stations coming up these 
days, but they're almost all as, or more expensive than the Davis 
Vantage Pro 2.  I'll try to assemble a list over the next couple of days 
and send it out here.  The main benefits of these derive from sonic 
anemometers that need to be carefully aligned to north, but which have 
no moving parts, and require maintenance and calibration much less 

Nothing's been done to reduce the effects of squirrels on wires, or for 
that matter, wasps or bird droppings on rain gauges...

gerry n5jxs

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> What is the simplest approach to a stand-alone WX station?
> My original 1994 Peet Bros station that I used to develop APRS
> wx is inop, mostly due to squirrel damage to all cables, that I
> have not followed WX at all in recent years.
> But a Wind Guy at an excellent location wants to put up a WX
> station and I don't want to have to help him (he sounds like a
> non-tool kinda guy).  I just want him to be able to pay$$$ and
> install something that puts his APRS WX on the air.  So no home
> brew or configuration intense solutions are desirred.
> I checked out CWOP site and ther presentation on WX stations
> doesn't even say anything about Peet.  I assumed a Peet in
> stand-alone packet mode and a small TNC/Radio would be the way
> to go, but no mention...  
> Ideas?
> Thanks
> Bob
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