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[aprssig] Stand Alone WX

AD4BL ad4bl at arrl.net
Sun Jun 21 16:36:26 UTC 2009

My Davis wx station has been in use for about 15 years.   IT is the old 
wired Monitor II.   One thing
we did to keep the rain guage clean is to put a piece of fiberglass 
window screen in the top and keep
it in place with a plastic embroidery hoop ring.   That keeps the larger 
debre out but it still clogs up
in the spring from all the pollen that can collect.   Once a year 
cleaning is all it needs.   No problems
with temp.  We have temp swings here from 80+ to -55 and it keeps on 
trucking.   The temperature/
humidity sensor is in a shelter that I made using wood shutters painted 
with Kilz using the NWS
design.  It is screened to keep out the insect life.  Has worked just 
fine.   I will need to replace it in a
few years as the wood doesn't last forever.


Linda <><  AD4BL

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