[aprssig] Citizen Health Observer Program (CHOP)

Wm Seffens wseffens at comcast.net
Mon Jun 22 17:20:10 CDT 2009

Citizen Health Observer Program (CHOP)

I am writing a grant proposal for the CDC concerning collecting Flu symptom
data from volunteers in a manner very similar to the weather program CWOP.
Volunteers would register with CHOP, get CH0xx ID numbers, receive training
on flu medical symptoms, and submit the number of friends or coworkers the
volunteer has daily knowledge of health symptoms. Once a day, the volunteer
would submit a short packet of coded symptom data for all of the anonymous
friends. Hence there is a multiplier effect with this data, one volunteer
could be supplying data on 10-20 persons. This has been cleared with the
Atlanta office of DHHS for the HIPAA rules on privacy (details and waivers
will be supplied later at a CHOP website).

This data will be used to monitor flu and H1N1 influenza virus for very
early detection of epidemics. The data would be appearing 1-2 weeks before
the people see a doctor and trigger the CDC Sentinel. Like the storm
spotters, you can be a hero and help the nation.

So, how easy would it be to include this packet into APRS applications (and
transmitted by RF and/or internet), and how many amateurs would you estimate
would volunteer? The symptom data field could be expandable to include
injury data for natural disasters, SAR, etc.

Wm Seffens

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