[aprssig] Citizen Health Observer Program (CHOP)

Wm Seffens wseffens at comcast.net
Mon Jun 22 19:07:08 CDT 2009

Thanks Steve for your input,

APRS is only a minor possible data flow, the main flow is planned to be cell
phone apps (i-phone in particular), a desktop pop-up, and Twitter. I can
shape the data fields at this early stage of development to conform with an
APRS packet. I would supply programming assistance for the APRS developers.

I am envisioning this as recording observations, not daily questioning. Most
of the time, everyone is well. When someone is noticed with a cough, then
ask do they also have a fever. There is also a return flow of health
information if the volunteer opts for it. I should only need 1000 volunteers
for a feasibility study.

Wm Seffens

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Very interesting idea. I'm not sure CWOP should be your model for data  
flow, nor that the APRS IS should be the transport medium.
HIPPA aside, I think as designed you will have problems with  
recruitment and retention. I don't want to ask 10 of my friends every  
day if they have any of a list of symptoms. If a friend brought the  
idea up to me, I'd feel uncomfortable being asked those questions  
daily. This is also a lot of work to lay on the observers. Even the  
most ardent recruits may get tired by month 2.

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