[aprssig] APRS Bandwidth

Frank or Barbara Rossi n3flr at bellatlantic.net
Tue Jun 23 19:55:45 CDT 2009

Looks like IARU-Region 1 Band plan is way to restrictive Click 
With all the restrictions, there will be no APRS on 30 Mtrs.
So much for a world wide band plan.
N3FLR - Frank

On 6/23/2009 6:37 AM, G0JXN Jim wrote:
> Hi Guys
> The UK Amateur Radio license no longer allows the operation of an 
> APRS digipeater without special permission (Notice of Variation) from 
> the regulator (Ofcom). It being filtered first through the RSGB.
> I wish to run a digipeater on 10.151MHz (KAM) but am advised the it 
> would probably not be recommended by the RSGB because the bandwidth of 
> 300bd would exceed the 500Hz laid down in the IARU bandplan for 30m. 
> The implication being that we should not operate APRS on 30m at all.
> Monitoring signals on 30m I find that they all seem to be within 400Hz 
> but I will need to prove that on paper.
> Can anyone please tell me what the bandwidth will be for a properly 
> adjusted 300bd station and how this might be calculated?
> 73
> Jim, G0JXN
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