[aprssig] 30m in Europe

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 28 19:33:05 CDT 2009

> Just a bit of info on the situation 
> on 30m APRS in Europe:-
> Total stations on my received list today 
> 108 Mobiles 28 Direct 9, of which 2 were 
> mobiles already included in the 28 above....
> Most, if not all, the indirect stations 
> would be 2m stations crossbanded.  A 
> practice I do not follow or condone.

A TRAVISTY!  Gating from VHF to HF is absolutely against the fundamental priciples of APRS on that channel.  From Day one (1994) Gating from VHF to HF was considered inappropriate and intentional interference (with HF OPERATIONS).  Too bad few systems followed on with the original principles of APRS operations in their docs...


Since 1997 when The APRS-IS was developed there is absolutelly no cause whatsoever for 1200 baud VHF statiosn to be gating through onto a 300 baud channel THAT THEY CANNOT HEAR!!!!!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!  COntact each GATEWAY station and inform him of this violation of fundamental APRS principles.  Gating from HF to VHF is OK, never the reverse.

Bob, Wb4APR

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