[aprssig] CQ FD shame on you

The Bland Ranch root at blandranch.net
Sun Jun 28 23:48:16 CDT 2009

Jason said:

"The truth of the matter is, FD is about points and gaining them to win."


I completely disagree with this perspective.

Our club (Amador County Amateur Radio Club, k6arc.org) ran a 2A
Publicity-oriented Field Day to show our community all the many facets of
Amateur Radio and what our fine hobby has to offer. We went on the local cable
channel, newspapers, received an Amateur Radio Week proclamation from our
County Board of Supervisors (please, bear with me, there is an APRS connection
in this), just to name a few of the prep efforts.

We got our 2A rating from an HF station and our APRS station. In turn, we also
had a GOTA station.

Bob, I sure hope one of those CQ FD messages you saw was mine (k6arc-2),
I was sending them. I could see them get repeated by the WIDE1-1 fill-in digi I
put up for the event (NA6BR-2) as well as other digis in the area that would
then take my packets on their way. Unfortunately, if I was getting replies, I
was not seeing them at my station or on the digis. I hope I can query the
server to see those attempts and what return path was used.

It all worked for me the night before, but I was at a different and higher

But I was trying. I also saw at least two other clubs in northern Kalifornia
using the CQ server, but I don't know how successful they were.

But guys, Field Day IS NOT just about winning a contest. I do not deny those
want to do contest-oriented Field Days their fun and I'm sure I will do those
myself. Field Day is a chance to show and demonstrate who we are as a hobby and
what we can do under less than desirable circumstances. It is our opportunity
show-off and really show that Amateur Radio does have something to offer as a
hobby, a place to serve, and a place to learn.

We had teens visiting us in additin to our teen members. A couple more signed-up
for our new licensee class. Many had their first exposure to Amateur Radio on
the GOTA station and we made a great impression. The APRS Station also drew
it's share of attention, even though I really wasn't able to complete a two-way

While I am an ARRL supporter, I don't give a rip if the FD rules give me a
incentive to use APRS. There are many more reasons to do so. In our case, we
a chance to experiment and show others in our club a mode they haven't used or
understood. The same thing happened with the ATV demo we had going and we
didn't even include that setup in our FD transmitter count.

Gang, we have a great hobby and we need to take ever opportunity we can get to
show it for all it is worth. Otherwise, the "less optimistic", inside and
outside of Amateur Radio, are defining us and our hobby in terms of the cell
phone. If we allow that, we are only short-changing ourselves and our service.

The ARRL isn't the problem.

Now, can anyone look at the traffic to and from K6ARC-2 (and tell me how,
please) and give me some pointers on how or what I need to change to make my
setup work better? I still have five Boy Scout troops in my area to visit.

Chuck Bland - NA6BR
Amador County Amateur Radio Club

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