[aprssig] APRS at FD '09 in NH

Kriss A. Kliegle kliegle at myfairpoint.net
Mon Jun 29 08:50:45 CDT 2009

   I was on the air from our club's FD site surrounding a retired fire lookout tower in southeast NH. Running APRSDOS, I sent out a bulletin asking if there were any FD APRS stations. No reply! I didn't even see any FD icons on my map.

   As for CQSRVR, I tried from home sending a message to my personal email address a few days before FD for practice. The instructions provided were vague as to how to address, format, enter the text ofthe message. The instructions I attempted to use were came from the site: http://aprs.org/cqsrvr.html   This was the site refered to me when I asked this group about APRS at FD 2009 a few days before FD.. As of yet, the message has yet to arrive....five days later. Not sure if it was designed for messaging RF to Internet based email (i.e. like Winlink), or RF to RF... as I said before, instructions too vague.


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