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Mon Jun 29 18:37:03 CDT 2009

> Fred Eckert wrote:
> > ...I am having a difficult time getting documentation and instructions 
> > ...I have no idea how to send a CQ  broadcast via APRS. 
> > 
> > The manual included with my [VX-8R] radio ...just has the bare minimum 
> > 
> > Is their a newbie's guide to APRS out there somewhere?
> Please help!
> > Thanks, Fred KJ4LFJ 


---  In response, Kai Gunter Brandt  wrote:

> To send a message to CQ just enter "CQ" as the callsign.
> [...snip...]
> I always recomend people reading the aprs protocol. ...
> just browse trough it to see the possibilities.
> ftp://ftp.tapr.org/aprssig/aprsspec/spec/aprs101/APRS101.pdf
> wiki: http://info.aprs.net/index.php?title=Main_Page


OUCH!  With all due respect, Kai, I recommend not reading the spec until you understand some of the basics.
  As a 35+ year Electrical Engineer used to reading all kinds of technical specs, I must be candid.  I find/found the APRS spec a difficult read before I understood a significant amount of operational APRS.  I also think it assumes you know a significant amount about ordinary AX.25 Packet and I believe (am convinced) that this is Not necessary, up front, for APRS.  Later, some helps.

THe Gurus here on the sig already understand it and find it easy.

If you search, Much of the info on the net is out of date.  I've done it, lots!   Web maintenance is a big problem - 'put it up and forget it' is the norm...

The APRS Wiki Kai references above is ok, but then I already understand a lot, so I may be tainted also.

The NWAPRS group (North West APRS), has up to date Beginner info in the Web - it should turn up in a search, I don't know the URL off hand, but looked it over just a few days ago and didn't bookmark it.  (:-(

I have a Beginner guide (PDF) that I have been working on.  It's linked on my site, below.  I believe (and so do others who have read it) that it provides a very good overview of fundamentals to get you started without all the in depth detail of other papers.

That old saw  "talk to your audience"

While it will help you, It doesn't directly answer your question, but  Based on your question, I already have some updates in mind.  

ALSO.   When you figure out your VX-8R, I'd appreciate it if you send me the info and I'll incorporate it in my guide.  You'll know what I want when you see the Guide.

Feel free to ask me questions because it will help me improve the content and wording for others.

Anyone else who'd like to poke at my Guide, be my guest, I'm fireproof, but please keep in mind that this is to get BEGINNERS started.
I am particularly interested if my wording for the AIRBORNE path section is suitable.

-- 73, Steve, K9DCI  at arrl dot net

FINALLY, an up to date APRS Beginner Guide - 2009.
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