[aprssig] CQ FD shame on you

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Jun 30 01:17:05 CDT 2009

The Bland Ranch wrote:
> I mentioned I put up a WIDE1-1 digi using UIDIGI to help get us out of the
> voerage hole. It was repeating my packets  that I sent just fine. I am
> wondering if there isn't something I missed so that it would repeat the packets
> destined FOR me. I THINK the IGate was N6ZW-3. At any rate, I did NOT see my
> return packets even in monitor mode, from any digi, though I saw the ones I
> sent bouncing around.
> I welcome any comment on UIDIGI config that may be impacting this. I sure want
> this to work.
 Were you able to hear any digis other than your own, down in your hole?  

Unless the returning station could hit YOUR digi directly (i.e. not 
through another WIDE2-n  first), a WIDE1-1  will never work on the 
reverse path if there is more than one digi hop.      WIDE1-1 only works 
for the first hop of a packet path.  

If another station was far enough away that he heard your transmission 
via a second digi hop (i.e. after being repeated first by your digi, and 
then by a WIDE2-n permanent wide-coverage digi), then his reply would go 
through the WIDE2-n first, using up the first hop. Since your digi won't 
respond to anything BUT WIDE1-1, it would then ignore the WIDE2-n second 
hop in the path, and you wouldn't hear anything.  



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