[aprssig] APRS in Garmin

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jun 30 21:19:15 CDT 2009

Exactly right.  I've been begging (and presenting what I think are 
compelling business arguments) for a few simple firmware tweaks on the 
automotive PNDs, stuff that likely wouldn't take more than a day or two 
of a programmer's time, and Garmin so far hasn't seen fit to do any of it.

Go ahead and ask them about a purpose-built APRS terminal and see how 
far you get with that.


Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Andrew Rich wrote:
>> Why doesnt garmin just make an aprs terminal and be done with it
>> -
> Because APRS is a niche activity of a niche activity (Amateur 
> Radio).       A minor (inexpensive) software tweak to units produced by 
> the 10's of thousands is one thing.    Creating a dedicated device 
> selling in the hundreds (or units of thousands) could never be justified 
> by a mass mfr like Garmin.  
> If they did produce such a device, it would be priced like the 
> low-production volume professional surveying and GIS devices -- no ham 
> would buy one.
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