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Sat Mar 21 21:18:14 UTC 2009

Not to mention every home station that has WIDE1-1 set for digipeating.

This has about 10 times more effect than a mobile driving by at 60mhp.

In this case the duration of the pass was also significant. From approx 08:20z to 19:30z it was heard in my area.

While the effect to our APRS network was not severe, the 147.000- repeater took a significant beating for about 10 hours thanks to KC2UFG transmitting on an inappropriate frequency.

Does anyone know why there is a different callsign on the APRS beacon vs the 2m packet telemetry? 

I am very disappointed that people planning such extended balloon expeditions do not take these things into consideration.

It has been discussed on this group a number of times and I though there was an understanding of proper beacon rates and paths.
Especially the consideration of such rates while aloft (>1000ft),
eg: direct paths only and reasonable beacon rates based on coverage/average speed.



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