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Wed Nov 18 21:02:00 UTC 2009

s11.html</a> (currently having ISP problems).<br>
-0 =A0primary fixed and message capable station<br>
-1 =A0digis and other fixed stations<br>
-2 =A0digis and other fixed stations<br>
-3 =A0digis and other fixed stations<br>
-4 =A0digis and other fixed stations<br>
-5 =A0TBD &lt;=3D maybe Dstar/Echolink/phones/Ipads etc<br>
-6 =A0Satellite, special events, tests<br>
-7 =A0HT&#39;s, walkie talkies or any human portable<br>
-8 =A0boats, sailboats OR second vehicle<br>
-9 =A0primary Mobiles of all types<br>
-10 operations via the internet (Igates)<br>
-11 balloons and aircraft<br>
-12 DTMF, RFID, or other non-APRS sources<br>
-13 TBD &lt;=3D=3D Weather has been suggested)<br>
-14 Truckers and full time drivers<br>
-15 HF &lt;=3D=3D Lets expand to GENERIC ANYTHING ELSE<br>
There will ALWAYS BE EXCEPTIONS. =A0So please to not try to force these on =
anyone, but if they otherwise open to using one of these categories, it wil=
l help everyone in situational awareness when a callsign flashes up on the =
display or is SPOKEN by your hands-off D700 with voice chip.<br>

Bob, WB4APR<br>
aprssig mailing list<br>
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