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[aprssig] APRS software capability ideas. . .

Jacob Tennant k8jwt at comcast.net
Fri Apr 9 14:53:52 UTC 2010

OK all of you hotshot programmers I have a idea for you,

I have already started playing around with this idea and think it might really be the way to go in the future of APRS for mobile/portable.


I have already tested out this idea as I found a Bluetooth GPS for $25.00 at GPSnow.com and after adding a bluetooth adapter to my ACER netbook it works great for the various APRS programs providing GPS data just as good as the wired GPS's I have used.

My next thought or area of experimentation is:

1. Using a bluetooth to serial adapter ,available from I/O Gear thru wallmart.com for $60.00+/-, so as to make the in-car setup as easy as after initial setup just get in the car, turn on the laptop, let the bluetooth find the TNC and GPS and away you go without having to hookup any cables.

2. Adding a bluetooth module internally to a current TNC so as to skip the external adapter mentioned above.

Just some thoughts as I like what I am seeing with the various hand held devices versions of APRS be it iPhone/iPod, Windows Mobile, or Android but we need to maintain the ability to connect a TNC and GPS if not already in the handheld device for mobile operations outside of the normal internet connectivity/ caellular data coverage areas.

In my own opinion this would be the worse thing we could do to APRS is make it a internet application with a little ham radio mixed in, and I say this even as a operator of a Igate station as my plans for the igate is so as to pass messages over greater distances than the radio coverage permits for ARES & Public Service operations.

Let the flames begin. . .

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT
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