[aprssig] APRX aprs-is filtering

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 6 17:25:00 CDT 2010

> Does javAPRSSrvr adhere to the spec statement 
> about ignoring -SSIDs when receiving and 
> displaying messages for a base callsign?  In 
> other words, if an IGate has recently gated 
> packets from KJ4ERJ-9, will messages for
> KJ4ERJ-12 be sent back out through that IGate 
> for transmission? 

That is a good thing to check....  It is in keeping with the
intent of the spec, that a person goes from base, to mobile to
HT, to blackberry at any time, and so his messages were intended
to be copied by all his stations.  Thus, the Igate (and filtered
server) should return to RF any such message as long as there is
ANY of his SSID stations in the local area.


> Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists wrote:

> ...  If no filter is applied by the client, it 
> functions properly for IGates (maintains a last-heard list 
> for the client and performs proper message and related posit 
> passing in addition to any messages and related posits for 
> the logged in client).  

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