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[aprssig] Meteor Scatter

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 4 17:25:24 UTC 2010

> Any extra advice for MS this Perseid's shower? 
> Should a 2m station be at 9600 baud too or stay 
> with 1200 whilst working 145.79?

We have never gotten a good response of players since the first
few times we did it over a decade ago...  So I have tired of
trying to inspire a collective group effort..  But as an
individual you can have fun!

So as an INDIVIDUAL... Here is what I would do...

1) See if you can find a place with weak 144.39 signals.

2) down in a valley somewhere where surrounding city APRS
traffic is
Hard to hear but you can still see the sky down to about 20
degrees in a favored dirfection towards a really BIG APRS
activity area about 500 miles to 800 miles away.  If targeting a
distant city, keep your beam low (to minimize local QRM) but
point it up about 10 to 20 degrees in the favored direction. (
Actually, tiliting it is not needed at all... But the point is
to keep it LOW below the horizon)...

Run your APRS station on 144.39 all night.

In the morning, look at what packets you caprured, looking
carefully at the PATH.  If you heard them direct and they are
over 200 miles or so away, then it was most likely via MS (or

And you did not have to drum up any other players,  You let the
10,000 other signals on the air be your test signals...


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