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[aprssig] Meteor Scatter

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Wed Aug 4 19:11:36 UTC 2010

Thank you for that information.  Given Bob's suggested approach to the 
APRS Meteor Scatter attempt, it seems that UI-View's "Meteor Mode" would 
be counter productive as Bob proposes listening for the beacons that are 
already saturating large urban areas rather than flooding the skies with 
your own beacons.

Now, if you were pairing up with someone on an alternate frequency, I 
can see where this mode would be quite handy!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Thankful for the education and clarification

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> It overrides many of the normal operating defauts, such as beacon 
> rates & patterns, paths and ports.  Quoting from the "Meteor Mode" 
> paragraph of the UI-View help system:
> =============== PASTE================
> Meteor Mode Setup
> UI-View32 Meteor Mode is a special mode in which the program can be 
> used to transmit beacon frames very frequently. It is designed to be 
> used for meteor scatter propagation tests.
> Two different modes of operation are possible - "Interval" mode and 
> "Burst" mode.
>     * Interval Mode - A single beacon frame is transmitted at a
>       specified time interval.
>     * Burst Mode - Beacon frames are transmitted continuously for a
>       period of seconds. You can specify how long the burst should be,
>       and when you want it to start in terms of the number of seconds
>       into each minute
> ========= END PASTE =========

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