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[aprssig] Meteor Scatter (6m)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 5 13:06:31 UTC 2010

> Actually the UI-View mode would be ideal for 
> SIX METERS   50.62   where there is virtually 
> no existing activity to be monitored.  I.e. 
> where you have to be the one making noise!

Good point!  And the last time many years ago that we did MS
with a dozen or so people, the 6m links showed much more
success.  MS theory says that the best band is between 30 and 50
MHz, so 6m is certainly the way to go.

And I can speak for our 50.62 network here in DC/Baltimore that
we would welcome the activity.  To see our receommendations for
the protocol to use, see the original

So, in conclusion.  If you can put together a 6m station I'd
suggest doing 6m MS.  But if you have 2m, then do as I suggested
before and get a quiet location and listen for DX over 500 miles
away on 144.39.

Today I will try to update the above file to these pair of


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