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[aprssig] APRX aprs-is filtering

Jaye Inabnit ke6sls ke6sls at arrl.net
Fri Aug 6 04:27:58 UTC 2010


When I set up my local aprx tx-gate, I was very concerned about being flooded 
with packets (reading several manuals, aprs-is seemed ominous.)  However, my 
experience with the aprs-is servers has been remarkably calm and usefull 
without so much as a single filter in use.  From time to time, the server 
will chuck a random non-local packet at my gateway, but it isn't too 
far--usually within 200-300 miles from this qth.

This is my config server setting:

# APRS-IS server name and portnumber.
server    rotate.aprs.net    14580

I have logged onto these servers and learned that I am far from being the only 
one using these servers without the use of filtering of any kind regardless 
of client I-gate software used.  

There must be more to the story.  I assume that the aprs-is servers are aware 
of my location and will only send useful packets to my gate and automatically 
suppress (filter) non-related packets that are beyond my service area?  

So far, I'm very pleased that I haven't had to worry about my station bombing 
the local APRS frequency!  

Tnx & 73

jaye, ke6sls

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