[aprssig] SKY1 - callsign? Wayne County, Ohio.

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 10 15:41:40 CDT 2010

>   I've lost count of how many airplanes we've seen
>   now, and many with NO call sign in their packets. 

Although we can see the whole world via APRS.FI, FINDU and OAPRS, etc, this is a local problem that should be addressed at the local level.

The thing we must avoid is some arm-chair doo-good to go running to the FCC and throwing this on their desk and demanding ACTION.

My experience is that when you demand action from any government agency, you will get a hammer response that has the potential to hammer down every loose nail.

Maybe we need to develop a nice letter to make it easy for local response to the owners of the aircraft.


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