[aprssig] SKY1 - callsign? Wayne County, Ohio.

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Tue Aug 10 18:09:22 CDT 2010

Since I started selling all-in-one APRS devices, I have noticed there are many pilots that are catching on to APRS and see it as a "free beacon system" they can put on their plane for relatively little money.  MOST are are licensed, but some are not and just do it anyways.  There IS a sense of arrogance and a "rules don't apply to me" attitude with some.  

As a provider of hardware that is strictly used on the 144-148 MHz range ie. the RTrak Family (minus the RTrak-Lite), I feel the need to police this TO A POINT.  If I get an order from someone that does not show any sign of a license, I usually send them a friendly email asking for a callsign.  Most come back with the callsign or some other form of proof.  While the flip side is, I have had a few "arrogant" ones come back and tell me to stick and they will take their money elsewhere.  I know some other hardware makers may not have the discretion and willing to sell to anyone with the cash in hand.  That is their deal, not mine, but I feel like I have to do my part to educate or at the very least, keep a pirate off the air...for the longest that I can.

Jason - KE4NYV
RPC Electronics, LLC

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