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[aprssig] APRX aprs-is filtering

Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists hamlists at ametx.com
Sat Aug 7 03:44:19 UTC 2010

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> From: Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr)
> Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 8:42 PM
> them, doesn't alert them, and certainly doesn't acknowledge them.  I'm
> considering adding an automatic b/<basecall>* filter to ensure that each
> instance of the client running with the base callsign has a good chance
> of receiving messages for any -SSID of that callsign.  Thoughts?

As long as it is an option, I think that would make sense.  The reason I say "an option" is because there are cases where a person might not want to see all the messages to a different station under the same callsign.  For instance, I run an email gateway under the callsign AE5PL-EM which some people around the world still use.  I see the messages it generates and receives when I wish to (usually by a manual listing) but don't want to see them on my phone.  This is just an example but demonstrates one valid reason why some people would not want to always see all messages addressed to their callsign.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl dot net

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