[aprssig] Second APRS like system

Rahn Abbott whiskey7doa at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 22:42:14 CDT 2010

I know this is a pipe dream but I am just thinking outloud here. The
discussion about the SKY1 user prompted me to start thinking about a larger
solution to the problem of unlicensed operators sending packets on ham
bands.  And I started thinking about someone starting to promote a system
that would gate postion data on a different frequency. For instance, if the
position packets were transmitted on the MURS frequencies or even the FRS
frequencies. The platform for the FRS frequency network is already in place.
Garmin has been making the Rino for quite some time now.  All you would have
to do would be put ground based digi's and I-gates that would listen on that
frequency and gate it to the internet.  
Then the second part of the solution would be to make sales of equipment
such as the Rino more appealing than ham radio equipment. For instance
vendors taking a stronger stance about verifying licenses before making
The problem with the Rino solution would be getting a group of people that
would be willing to install and maintain such a system. 
I know, that is a pipe dream but that's what happens at late hours when I am
thinking about a large problem. 
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