[aprssig] WLNK-1 via aprs-is?

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Aug 11 07:18:50 CDT 2010

Max KG4PID wrote...

> About 2 months ago I was monitoring my weather station which sends its
> data via RF. I was using UI-View32 connected to the APRS-IS using a filter
> to only show me my weather station, nothing else. It was not setup to be a
> digi or an IGate and did not have a TNC connected. After being connected
> for a few hours I would start getting a steady stream of packets from the
> Winlink system. Hundreds and hundreds of them. If I disconnected and
> reconnected it would stop for awhile.

This was two months ago. You didn't tell us which server(s) were selected
or what filter you were using. However, your callsign was embedded in
your email address. That confirmed that in fact KG4PID-13 was connected
a month ago to T2WESTTN] and that you were using UI-View. The answers
to what server(s) were selected, and what filter you had entered, and if it was
set to auto-reconnect may provide the answer. If they don't, it will make for
an interesting mystery. By the way, do you always use unique SSIDs... i.e.
KG4PID-13  wasn't in use by another station at the same time?

> Looking at a few of the packets I saw callsigns from all over the United
> States. I was busy at the time and didn't report it, I should have.

Sometimes mysteries are easier to solve while they are actually taking
place, but you may be able to provide some answers.

> It may not be as great as some would like to think. I know it really
> messed me up trying to monitor my weather station.

In what way did it mess up your ability to monitor your WX station?
I can't quite picture that.

PS - fixed stations shouldn't use a path of WIDE1-1. I think that it should
go without saying that digis should NEVER use a path of WIDE1-1.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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