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Kriss A Kliegle kliegle at myfairpoint.net
Wed Aug 11 08:41:28 CDT 2010

Here's where probably some of the folks get their ideas from:


I found last year that they (the moderator) highly suggested using the N-number (aircraft registration) for the callsign. Placing the real callsign in the text field. Unfortunately many are appliance operators and do not wish to RTFM.

I recently programmed an Byonics AIO tracker for a friends RV-6, but went with his callsign instead of N-number for the very same reason. What if the first packet with real callsign didn't make it onto the servers? Then it might be more than 10 minutes before the next packet with the real callsign is sent if using the Send Text every Nth TX feature. Plus I use only a WIDE2-1 for a path, in attempts to reduce QRM for those terrestrial folks.

Tracking these no callsign trackers down can't be that hard. It's not like you have to DF the darn thing, it tells you within 20' or less of WHERE on the Earth it is! Just have to have somebody drive over/walk over and speak with the person and offer assistance/education of Amateur radio.

EDUCATION of the masses.... I believe this was a contested topic last year on this SIG.

73 de Kriss

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