[aprssig] Modem tones, the KPC3+, and Bell 202

Phil N6TCT phil_aprssig at lapsley.org
Wed Aug 11 10:03:13 CDT 2010

Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> KPC3+ ... was 1300 and 2100 Hz.
>> is a V.23 modem, not a Bell 202 modem.
>> "Why... would anyone build in a 100 Hz'error'
> My recollection is that when they redesigned the KPC-3+ hardware there were no 202 chip modems availalbe anywhere.
> The only chip on the market was V.23.

Bob wins the prize: just got off the phone with Kantronics and they
confirmed his recollection.  They say the 100 Hz delta makes no
difference.  Let's hope they're right.

Thanks to all who responded.  We now return you to our regularly
scheduled discussion of voice alert, SKY-1, and aprs-is filtering.  :-)

Phil, N6TCT

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